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Bullet Train

As five contract killers end up on a bullet train heading to Morioka from Tokyo, they eventually discover that there might be a connection between their missions. ... more

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18 Aug 2022

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Following the destruction of the Red Ribbon Army by Son Goku, he now faces a new challenge with his friends as the ultimate androids rage a war against them. ... more

24 Aug 2022


A bizarre phenomenon that causes strange changes in the behavior of humans and animals alike comes to the attention of the locals in a small town in California. ... more

21 Sep 2022

Avatar (3D)

A paraplegic ex-marine, Jake Sully, is recruited to operate an "Avatar," a human mind in an alien body, with the highly advanced technology of a corporation seeking to plunder the resources of the pla... more

19 Oct 2022

Black Adam

The movie is about one of the characters of the world (Shazam), which is Black Adam, a man with extraordinary magical abilities, who stood between being a hero or a villain. ... more