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Set in the 1970s; as Gru attempts to join the Vicious 6, a group of supervillains, things don't go well, and he ends up being hunted with his Minions by the group, only to find help from an unlikely ally. ... more

كيرة والجن

The reality of Egyptian society during the period of the British occupation with the outbreak of the revolution of 1919, which unties the fate of Ahmed Abdel Hayy Kira and Abdel Qader El Gen who are joined together in their struggle against the Engli... more

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4 Aug 2022

Bullet Train

As five contract killers end up on a bullet train heading to Morioka from Tokyo, they eventually discover that there might be a connection between their missions. ... more

10 Aug 2022


A bizarre phenomenon that causes strange changes in the behavior of humans and animals alike comes to the attention of the locals in a small town in California. ... more