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The legend of Tarzan (3D)

The story takes place in the city of London, after many years of identifying (Tarzan) and bringing him from the jungle, in which he has long settled and grew up. Tarzan returns back to the forest as a delegate for trade in the Congo, where he travels... more

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10 Aug 2016

Suicide Squad (3D)

The film revolves around a group of the most evil imprisoned persons on Earth, known to everyone by the (Suicide Squad), whom succeed in holding treaties with a corrupted government agency, for the co... more

24 Aug 2016


Ben-Hur, is about a man who has been accused of committing a crime he did not commit. He lives in torture for many years; he actually plans to take revenge from his best friend who betrayed him... more

21 Sep 2016

The Magnificent Seven

The film revolves around the arrival of seven armed men, from the Old West to a remote village, in order to help its people, in their fight against an evil gang trying take advantage of the village an... more

28 Sep 2016

Deepwater Horizon


12 Oct 2016


The film is about (Robert Langdon), who wakes up at a hospital room in (Florence, Italy), only to discover that he had lost his memory, and does not remember any of what happened, even in the last few... more