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Pacific Rim uprising (3D)

A sequel to the movie “Pacific Rim” focusing on what came after the Kaiju war and the destiny of the Jaegers technology.... more

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28 Mar 2018

Ready Player One

In the near future, Wade Watts, an outcast young man tries to escape his daily horror by joining an online game called Oasis. When the game’s billionaire founder dies, his fortune is offered to the pl... more

18 Apr 2018

Rampage (3D)

When the gorilla that was once Primatologist Davis Okoye’s friend is affected by an experiment that turns him into a ruthless monster that evades North America destroying everything in his path, Okoye... more

25 Apr 2018

Avengers: Infinity War (3D)

The Avengers and their allies continue to protect the world from the threats that cannot be dealt with alone. Thanos, a new tyrant from the cosmic shadows, spreads wrongdoing between galaxies; and his... more